10 Brilliant Ways Chefs Are Using Rhubarb This Spring

April 30, 2019

Rhubarb pies are great and all, but let’s expand our minds, shall we?

Cobia with fennel rhubarb salsa

Rhubarb works with seafood, too. “Rhubarb goes well with seafood and I like to play with it in marinades and salsas,” says Jay Spickelmier, executive chef at Hotel Talisa in Vail, Colorado. Spickelmier grills cobia, a sustainable farm-raised fish in the Jack fish family, to serve with a fennel rhubarb salsa. “When selecting rhubarb, look for firm bright red stocks. You can peel back the fibrous strands from the outside to make it softer on the pallet.

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A Few Things Worth Noting

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